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NEWSLETTER – the Fourth Quarter 2015


Welcome back to REJOTI Productions. It is rhetorical to mention how quickly time flies. Yes, we are still operating in various venues and wanted to catch you up with our progression.. We LOVE theatre but our storytelling branch seems to have allowed us to reach more audiences and take us farther and faster than we had imagined. The following is a brief summary of what we have been doing and propose to do.

Welcome to REJOTI Productions

We are back. Thank you for visiting our website which is underconstruction. We have been busy with multiple adventures and we want to keep you advised. Please continue to visit the site for upcoming events and news about us.

Performing workshops and Senior Theatre workshops are offered to the general public for those who wish to improve their skills in Public Speaking and overcome stage fright.

On our schedule are staged performances, readings of plays, introduction of new talent and storytelling

Our Literary Arm was started in 1983 and to date has published six books, newsletters, chapbook anthologies and individual poetry works.

Please continue to visit the site for upcoming events and news about us.



  • Save the date Saturday, April 11, for a live theatre fest right in your own community.
    The program begins at 10:30 to 11 AM

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